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[GUIDE] - AGRP Client Mod Loader


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Mod Loader #1

~Adding Mods Tutorial~

Hi! By now you're probably aware that we have a custom mods loader for in-game resources. If these are mods you just want to use on your client then follow this tutorial. Please Note that this isn't the same as adding mods to the server. These mods can only be seen by YOU!


Getting Started

To start with, you want to have your mod already downloaded. The following mods can be uploaded;

  • Vehicles
  • Skins
  • Weapons

Most mods will come with two files. Please bear in mind, when uploading these mods our system only looks for .DFF and .TXD files. No other file types are accepted. Mods that contain .SFX and .COL or any other file type won't be accepted. The .DFF and .TXD files must be suitable for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Note that mods made for Vice City, Grand Theft Auto Three or anything else from the 3D Universe won't be accepted unless they have specifically been ported. 


Preparing The Mod

First we must prepare the mod for the server to upload. We do this by taking our .DFF and .TXD files and upload them to your resources folder which is typically installed in your "C" drive. Here is an example below; 


This is where we house all of our client-side files for your machine to store our resources. The Directory will looks something like this;



We're looking for the folder named ag_client_modloader.

Once we have found that folder, we want to go into the sub-folder named mods.

Once we're inside of the mods folder, we can then drag and drop our .TXD and .DFF files in there. You can change the name of the files if you want, as long as you don't change the suffix from .TXD & .DFF respectively. Once you have done that, it will look something like this;





It's important to note which skin the mod is for. For example, my files were for the hfyst model. We can easily trace what model this is by using The Official Multi Theft Auto Skin Page

As you can see below, I searched for hfyst and found that the Skin ID was 41





This will be important for when we want to set our skin as ID 41 in-game.


Note: If your mod doesn't have a recognizable GTA:SA prefix name, don't panic. Our in-game Mod Loader will show the Skin ID under the first column called "Model ID" which can be used to identify which skin you need to purchase from the Clothing Store. Same will apply for vehicles if you're uploading a vehicle mod.


Getting The Mod In-Game!

Next, we open the Mod Loader in-game by either typing /mymods in chat. We will be presented by this screen;



We want to press on the button at the bottom Reload my Mods.


Once it has been reloaded, we will see our new mod appearing in our list!




All we have to do now is simply go to the Clothing Store and purchase the correct "Skin ID/Model ID" and wear the clothes to see the magic happen in front of our eyes!





If we want to temporarily disable a mod, we can double-click on one in the list.




This is useful if we have multiple mods that use the same skin and we want to change our appearance/vehicle based on what you're roleplaying!



If you're looking to upload a mod to the server (for everyone to see) then please visit our New Add-on Mods Guide



Upper Administration




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