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Rye Family.

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The Family Name: Rye

Origins: The Rye family has its roots in the England Romani community, dating back to the 16th century. They were a nomadic people, traveling across the country, often living on the fringes of society. Over time, the family developed a reputation for their cunning, resourcefulness, and entrepreneurial spirit. In the early 20th century, the patriarch, Josiah Rye (The Farther), made a name for himself as a clever trader and smuggler. He built a small fortune by operating in the shadows, exploiting the loopholes and corruption of the time.

The Rise to Power: As Josiah's children grew up, they learned from their father's example. They expanded the family's operations, branching out into illegal activities like extortion, protection rackets, and organized crime. The Rye family's reputation grew, and they became a force to be reckoned with in the English underworld.

Post-War Expansion: After World War II, the Rye family continued to thrive. They established connections with other criminal organizations in England, including the Kray twins and the Richardson gang. The family's influence spread, and they became a major player in the country's illegal activities.

The Golden Years: In the 1960s and 1970s, the Rye family reached the pinnacle of their power. They controlled a vast network of illegal activities, including drug trafficking, arms dealing, and loan sharking. Their influence extended beyond the Romani community, with ties to corrupt government officials and law enforcement agencies.

Decline and Rebuilding: The 1980s saw a decline in the Rye family's fortunes. A series of internal conflicts, rivalries with other criminal organizations, and increased law enforcement pressure took their toll. By the 1990s, the family had lost much of its power and influence.

The Modern Era: Today, the Rye family is seeking to reclaim its former glory. Led by the enigmatic and ruthless matriarch, Ruby "The Fox" Rye (the daughter of Josiah), they are rebuilding their empire in the US through a combination of old-school tactics and modern technology. The family's operations are now more diversified than ever before, with interests in everything from Drug Smuggling to Gun Selling.

The Family Structure: The Rye family is a tight-knit organization with a clear hierarchy:


1. Ruby "The Fox" Rye - Matriarch and leader of the family
2. Ren "The Jackal" Rye - Brother and High Co-Leader of the family
3. Danny "The Enforcer" Rye - Younger Brother Ruthless Enforcer
4. Storm "The Driver" Miles - A Driver for the family
5. The Council of Elders - A group of respected family members who advise Ruby on major decisions
6. The Business Unit - Responsible for managing the family's various criminal enterprises
7. The Enforcers - A team of skilled thugs and assassins who handle "collections" and "problems"



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