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Holmes And Family INC


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Holmes And Family INC has recently been founded by known member of the community Lamar Holmes. H.A.F is a local LLC founded in the memory of Andrea Holmes a promising intelligent young man gunned down in the neighborhood of Ganton. H.A.F has recently opened a new location "Landos Gentlemen's  Lounge" on 10 Ganton Avenue. The CEO and employees of H.A.F are currently working hard to open many new locations and businesses in the city of Los Santos- the H.A.F plan to expanded fast and rapidly in the Ganton neighborhood before expanding into other Los Santos neighborhoods. Please apply or visit are Location or any new Location we may open very soon!   


Lando lounge.png

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Holmes And Family INC have recently opened a new trucking business "WE HAUL FOR YOU",  taking all kinds of order and supplying all the local businesses in Ganton and Idlewood working non stop tryna to buy a second truck to double the effect. Recently Lamar Holmes CEO and founder of "We Haul For You" was seen employing young underprivileged youth in the Idlewood neighborhood, and hopes to fund raise with the business soon and donate to me underprivileged family's in the neighborhood in memory of his late father Larry Holmes and late brother Andrea Holmes! 

Llc 2.png

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