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Holmes Family / Trooper World

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The Holmes Family have lived in Los Santos since 1969 migrating from Atlanta Georgia.  Patricia Holmes with her two brothers Kevin "Deuce Deuce" Holmes and Jevon "Two Tone" Holmes, moved to Los Santos  settling in the neighborhood of Ganton on Grove St. The family has called Grove St home for many years, getting entangled in the hood/street beefs in the area witch the family lived through for many years. At the age of 26 Kevin "Deuce Deuce" Holmes was gunned down on the streets walking home from the local Ganton Gym- his death was never solved by the police even though many local claim to know the who the shooter was. Kevin was Proceed by his two sons Tyron "Gorilla" Holmes and Dwight "Two Guns" Tyshawn the ladder not even being born before his fathers death. Jevon "Two Tone" Holmes was burned to death in his home by intruders in 1986 at the age of 38 years old- the police have had no leads involving Jevon Holmes death and has been unsolved for many years. Jevon "Two Tone" Holmes was proceed in death by his only son Ali "Star" Holmes. After the death of her two brothers Patricia Holmes a local correctional officer at the state prison helped raise all of her brothers sons and having a son of her own Larry "BIG FLOCK" Holmes. The next to die was In 2003 at the age of 21 Dwight "Two Guns" Tyshawn being shot over 50 times by automatic weapons in his car right in front of the local 24/7 mart in Ganton- being found by his older brother Tyron "Gorilla" Holmes his case has been closed by LSPD being labeled "Unsolvable". He was proceed by his son D'Ante "D Thang" a local 16 year old kid in the streets of Ganton. Tyron "Gorilla" Holmes is currently serving a triple life sentence for the murders of three young boys in 2004 in the San Andreas State Prison- rumored to have committed the crimes for vengeance of his brother.  Ali "Star" Holmes moved back to East Atlanta trying to have a successful music career taking his newly born son Omar " O Dawg" Willams and baby mama- shortly after moving to Atlanta Ali Holmes was gunned down in Zone 6 the police never solving the case and leaving his son Omar Willams to grow up in East Atlanta before moving back to Los Santos at the age of 16 teen. Larry "Big Flock" Holmes ran a giant illegal drug racket on Grove St in the early 2000's becoming a beloved member of the community using his dirty money to give back to the local families and poor youth- Larry met the same fate as his cousins being gunned down by a masked man after walking out of a store with his sons birthday present- LSPD solved the crime but never arrested anyone due to the fact the gunman was found dead naked on the side of the highway.years old He was proceed by his two sons Andrea "Trooper" Holmes and Lamar "Flock" Holmes being raised by there grandmother Patricia Holmes along side there little cousin D'Ante "D Thang" Tyshawn. Andrea "Trooper" Holmes was the last family causality recently in the string of murders of the Holmes family- Andrea was gun down at the age of 17 defending his younger brother Lamar "Flock" Holmes from a local altercation Andrea bleed to death in Lamar's arms as D'Ante 10 at the time ran up to the gruesome accident both being traumatized for life. Many Locals have gossiped about a "Holmes Family Curse" but after 6 deaths and 1 life prison stent the Holmes family still survive in the streets. Long live Deuce Deuce, Long Live Two Tone, Long live Two Guns, Long Live Star, Long live Big Flock, Long live Trooper, FREE GORILLA!  


In recent years the remaining members of the family have followed in the father footsteps, trying to recruit local friends to join there ranks of what they call H.A.F INC or in the hood Trooper World. Trooper World in recent years have engaged in Drug Dealing, Theft, Home Invasion, Robbery, Scamming, and Pimping leading to some member's like Omar "O Dawg" Willams to go to juvenile prison. The remaining Holmes family/ Trooper World member's are lead by Lamar "Flock" Holmes who has many ties to local Crip sets and AP-13  Inheriting there beefs. The future of the family and gang is unknown but most member's just live day to day lives hustling in the streets of Los Santos. 



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Flock after a local knife fight defending known Ap-13 member Scorpion Flock was rushed to the hospital receiving medical care -. Officer Rod visit Flock soon after in the hospital.


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10 minutes ago, Hellodark said:


Free Gorilla, Long Live Two Guns - Long Live Big Flock! "I'm the reason certain niggas is breathin' still
I'm in the hood or at my granny's, I'm a easy kill
I do the killin' when I'm sober, I don't need a pill
You niggas ain't livin' like that, let's just keep it real

I got a four-five Smith, ain't talkin' Will
Banana clip on the chop got niggas peeled
All my opps that's alive, they live in fear
All these hollow tips and nines, they end careers


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