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Alberts "Adidas" Peldrinkis


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Alberts "Adidas" Peldrinkis, born in Kandava, Latvia in a poor family, Alberts struggled in school, since Alberts was a troubled kid, he got into fights a lot. After he moved to Riga with his family, the capital city of Latvia, Alberts joined a kickboxing club at the age of 17, when Alberts turned twenty he moved to the states, where he continued training, he participated in tournaments and won medals but fell into drug use and quit kickboxing, he started participating in underground bare knuckle fights, leading to his arrest. In prison, he met Arman, they both did workouts together untill Alberts got released. Despite the risks, Alberts found a sense of belonging in this dangerous world and got in contact with Arman, they both share the same household since none of them could afford a house to themself. Now Alberts is 27, still living the same lifestyle.

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