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Varangian Host Motorcycle Club

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dITolpm.png  This faction aims to portray a traditional outlaw motorcycle club. At this time our ranks consist of VHMC's Nomad members and their associates, working towards the goal of establishing a San Andreas charter. We welcome anyone willing to partake in a dynamic faction with fresh ideas. 

   You should be mostly familliar with the structure and ideals of outlaw lifestyle, as well as the general history of the culture if you want to join. We are most active around 19:00-22:00 in game time, but are always open to adjust the time table. For any questions, suggestions or complaints please contact @Fallschirmjager by using forum PMs or reach out to us on our Discord.

  Faction leadership reserves the right to decide the fate of your character, including the use Faction CK clause.

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Cannibal Willie was a Chicago native that joined the ranks of So. Cal. Galloping Goose. He, Dougie Poo and Ted Burkett visited The Pike in Long Beach. During the visit Wilburn got into a fight with a sailor who attempted to poke out his eyes. Luckily for Willie, not as much for the sailor, the finger went into Wilburn's mouth and he bit it off. From that day on Wilburn earned the moniker of Cannibal Willie. He was also one of the founders of Chicago's chapter of Galloping Goose MC, and even appeared multiple times in 1969 Choppers Magazine issues.

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