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Six Owe Crips


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The Rollin 60 Neighborhood Crips, which are also known as Rich Rollins 60s, are a street gang based on Lancaster Avenue in Willowfield. This primarily African-American gang is a subset of the larger Neighborhood Crips umbrella, aka NHC (2x). With a history spanning several decades, the Rollin 60s have been involved in various criminal activities, including drug trafficking, robbery, and violence. Despite their reputation, the gang remains a significant presence in the area and continues to influence the local community.


Despite their notorious reputation, the Rollin 60s gang continues to exert a significant influence on the local community and maintain a strong presence in the area. They have been known to use violence and intimidation to control their territory, which spans several blocks in the Willowfield area. 


ImageThe gang's members often identify themselves with blue clothing and tattoos, as well as hand signs and graffiti. They also have a hierarchy system, with high-ranking members known as "shot callers" and "OGs" (Original Gangsters). The Rollin 60s have been involved in several high-profile conflicts with rival gangs, including the Bloods and the Gangster Crips (3x)

Despite law enforcement efforts to crack down on their activities, the Rollin 60s continue to operate in the area, perpetrating crimes and engaging in violent activities. Their presence has led to a sense of fear and insecurity among residents, who have called for increased police presence and community programs to address gang violence.



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