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[GUIDE] Vehicle Alarms, Anti Theft & Locking

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AGRP Vehicle Protection System v1.1
The features described in this guide are subject to change.

The following guide is to help players understand the new Vehicle Protection System. This guide brings vehicle alarms, antitheft measures and locking systems. 
We've tried to simplify the system as best we can whilst still offering variant levels of protection for your vehicle. These systems must be RPly installed by a mechanic and notes added to /checkveh. If no notes are added, then the systems are deemed unusable.

What is the system?
The system can be seen in your vehicle, when in the driver's seat. Right click the vehicle and press on the "Stats" Button.



Menus will appear showing you what your vehicle has installed.


Please refer to the following section below to see what each level offers you.


Theft System Prices

    [0] = 50, -- no anti-theft system -> removal
    [1] = 10000, -- Tracking of vehicle
    [2] = 26000, -- Vehicle can't be hotwired & tracking
    [3] = 45000, -- Vehicle's engine can be disabled within 500m

Alarm System Prices

    [0] = 50, -- no alarm -> remove alarm
    [1] = 18000, -- Sounds an alarm for roughly a minute
    [2] = 22000, --  Allows for SMS to be setup (phase 1)
    [3] = 34000, -- Allows for direct line setup to PD (phase 2)
    [4] = 75000, -- Actually begins to notify PD (phase 3)

Lock System Prices

    [0] = 50, -- basic lock (no protection)
    [1] = 7000, -- Can't use screwdrivers to bust open lock
    [2] = 19000, -- Same as above + Can't se slimjim or anything like that to pop locks
    [3] = 65000, -- Same as above + Vehicle's locks can't be changed without changing transponder chip, vehicle ignition and programming station of vehicle key

Anti Theft App
Based on the packages above, if you have an anti-theft measure installed you will either be able to track the vehicle, or track the vehicle and disable its engine remotely within 500 meters.

Vehicles under the price of $30,000 won't be able to;

Purchase alarm types 3 or 4
Purchase lock types 3 or 4
Purchase theft types 3 or 4

This is due to the price of these systems doesn't really make sense for vehicles over 30k


Custom Vehicle Mods
Custom vehicle mods (mods assigned to vehicle ID aka VIN - only obtainable by you, the uploader) will receive all upgrades free of charge.


All of this still falls in-line with 4.14 - Vehicle Theft Rules (https://wiki.ardicgaming.com/en/criminal-rp-rules)

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