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[GUIDE] - AGRP Mods & IDs


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RULES: https://wiki.ardicgaming.com/en/moducp

We can now have an infinite amount of NEW SKINS on the server which can be uploaded and submitted by anyone via an easy to use in-game menu!

- Custom 3D models and textures supported (dff + txd).

- Everyone can see your sexy modded skin.

 - Mods can't be stolen by other players. It's all stored in the server.

 - It's not resource intensive (has no negative impact on game performance; they load just like any other ped model).

 - It's way more efficient that using custom skin textures (the system we've had for a long time now).

 - New skins can still be used for applying custom image textures to them via the custom skin texture system we already have.

 - You can upload a small preview image of your mod which will display for everyone including in the inventory.

 - You can upload a skin for yourself (private - only you can obtain), for a faction (only faction members can obtain) or for public use (distributed globally on clothes shop NPCs!)

 - Mod review team can preview any mod submitted and easily check if it has any issues such as incorrect bone positions or abusive collisions.

In short: adds a whole new look & feel to the game, possibilities are endless...

There are literally millions of amazing low poly GTA:SA Skin mods out there.
We're happy to make this big step into game customization. We hope you have a great time being creative!



How to Upload a mod

Please read the rules before using the new system: https://wiki.ardicgaming.com/en/moducp

Coming soon

Kind regards,
AGRP Management

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