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[Dev Blog] #8 | Performance, New Systems & Updates

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ArdicGaming Roleplay

Dev Blog #8

~Performance, New Systems & Updates~


Welcome back! Whilst we have said over the past few weeks, even a month now that development has slowed down... there has been reasons for that. We have been doing a massive upgrade in our back of house regarding the mod systems. Our new system has been designed with performance in mind. With this, we can effectively do a lot of new cool things, which we will be working on behind the scenes. For now though, enjoy the newest update!




Removed: -
Added: +
Reworked/Fixed: //


+ Adds hotline for DoJ
+ FMT Logging for;
*Editing a business/faction (admin/fmt goes to fmt-logs.
*Creating a business/faction (admin/fmt goes to fmt-logs.
*Deleting a business/faction (admin/fmt goes to fmt-logs.
*Creating a business/faction (as player) goes to fmt-logs.
+ Faction Logs for;
*Adding a player to faction (admin)
*Adding a player to faction as leader (admin)
*Respawning faction vehicles (fac leader)
*Booting someone from faction (fac leader)
*Player leaves faction
*Duty perks modification
*Faction note (might not get pushed to Discord due to Discord's message limit).
*Faction leader note (might not get pushed to Discord due to Discord's message limit).
*Promoting to rank from rank
*Demoting from rank to rank
*Modifying ranks and wages will output current structure
*Modifying MOTD
*Toggling leader status
*Respawning individual vehicle
*Admin transfer ownership of property to faction.
*Player transfer ownership of property to faction.
*Player purchase property for faction.
// Updates Map Management deletion to check if player is Head Admin AND is Scripter. (Literally no need to delete maps unless we specify, a lot can be reused).
+ Adds support to editing an already implemented map for changing minor details even after the map was accepted. Again this is only restricted to Head Admin and checks if player is Scripter as well. This function has the possibility to break maps if not used correctly hence why it's restricted.
+ Adds LSPD Eastern Division Exterior Modelling (Spooky)
+ Adds LSPD Eastern Division Interior Modelling (Spooky)
+ Adds embedded gates that can be opened by admins or LSPD members by clicking on the doors (Spooky)
+ Adds embedded gates that can be opened by admins or LSPD members by pressing 'K' on the doors
+ Adds an error message to players who try to interact with the doors saying they don't have permissions (Spooky)
+ Defines Interior & Dimension to be used for the interior modelling
// Moves the /sellfish location just further up the road to make it no longer conflict with Spooky East LSPD
// Fixed an issue for Discord logging the wrong note for an fmt output
// Moves the clothing ped to the new Binco in Ganton
// Updates sign textures from imgur to Postimg
// Fixed an issue where /issuebadge for prestige was not allocated to itemID 180 where 180 was still referring to factionID 42 instead of their new ID which is 15.
- Removes code 16 from the AC checker for an everyone tag
// Fixes a typo for max image dimensions for uploading mods.
// Fixed trash bags not being verified via serverside
+ Implemented a new animation adjuster (Spooky)
// Updates the 911 to dispatch on the minimap
/ Fixed mysql from animation adjuster
/ Fixes the issues where a player will enter an interior with the same ID as player 2, and when dropping an object it will spawn it in the other int ID as well. This was introduced for Liberty City but isn't required for LS, changes were reverted.
+ Discord log for /fsell 
+ Discord logs for creating signs
+ Discord logs for /delitem /getitem /delallitems
+ Introduces a panic button when /panic it will play panic sound and will output to dispatch for PD (for now)
// Fixes for alterations for atms to allow DoJ
// Fixes for alterations for /dispatch for FGOV
// Updates departmentradios for DoJ
- Removes a leftover asset for browser textures from SARP.
+ Auto delete shell casings from dimension 0 after 3 days
+ Introduces Alhambra modelling (Midnight)
// Updates minimap and F11 for texture for new Alhambra modelling
+ Added road names for new Alhambra modelling
// Fixed an issue where developers weren't displaying on /staff correctly
- Removes Montgomery medical center to Hughes Memorial from hotline services
- Removes Montgomery Pizza Sticks to Idlewood
+ Discord log for /removeveh
// Fixes an issue where offline message center wasn't working
+ Added notification so player is notified about a message received.
+ Added Discord logging support for metagaming
+ Added /opmcheck for Lead admins to check a player's OPMs
// Changes so that Senior admins can demote from /staffs and fixed perms for Support Team
- Disable picking, dropping, moving items when using animation controls
// Fixes a typo for Jefferson Street
- Disabled the vehicle push script for vehicles when in vehicles; causes issues for parking when desyncing.
// Fixes an issue where users would still receive taxi calls even after /quitjob
+ Adds a preventative measure to the aforementioned, forcing the user to go off duty before quitting taxi job.
+ Used the parrot .col file to fix banana as banana was just using the col from the GTA SA object it replaces.
+ Adds an ENV mod for WestCoast Credits: weknowthetruth, closedcase, blanxo, goondakilla, first48dinero
+ Adds Grotti Dealer 3D Model
+ Re-enables stop lights for the city
// Small fix for WCC Env
+ Adds Grotti Dealer
+ Adds LSFD Modelling (Spook)
// Optimized render loop for interior markers (Spooky)
+ Adds new Federal badge
// Fixed an issue for disable world collision not resetting in anim controls (Spooky)
+ Adds a better water shader (Spooky and original creditors for osws)
// Optimized and fixed a bug for the OSWS shader (Spooky)
+ Added createTexture caching for markers (Spooky)
+ Added chat support for interior instancing (Spooky)
// Fixed a GTA SA bug for hopping some low walls causing death (Spooky)
// Fixed a bug for kevlar texturing
// Fixed awardPlayer exploit, validation (Spooky)
// Fixed Staff Manager exploit, validation (Spooky)
- Disables chatting when in spectate mode (Spooky)
+ Adds validation for gun licenses (Spooky)
+ Adds LSFD, East LSPD and other models to start up (Spooky)
// Fixed an issue for icons in a staff changelog Discord export (Spooky)
+ First initialization of the new Add-on Mods System (TM)
// Fixed Linux specific issues for some of the new Add-on Mods stuff like case sensitive sql stuff
// Fixed an issue where chatbox was still interactable with /moducp (TM)
+ Moved confirmation on accept, reject and delete for skins, vehicles on /moducp 
+ Prestige Modeling
+ TW13 ENV Mod
// Proper formatting for /staffs for Community manager
+ New kevlar for type 2
// Fixed an issue where /moducp was restricted to Trial Admin
- Disables Prestige Pt3
// Fixes Twisted Ways ENV collision for ghost bin
+ Adds logging for adding a note to /checkveh
+ Adds logging for updating a note to /checkveh
+ Adds logging for adding a note to /checkint
+ Adds logging for updating a note to /checkint
+ Adds logs for admin to see realSender for /ads for Discord
+ Adds discord logging for adding a gate updating a gate and deleting a gate (very basic logging)
// Fixes a typo for LVCTS to LSTS
// Fixes an issue where DoJ wasn't informing player in game (wrong FacID assigned)
// Fixes an issue where Point Dot wasn't informing player in game (wrong FacID assigned)
// Fixes a typo from lscts to lsts
+ Introduces Vehicle Theft Toggle
+ Introduces Property Break-in Toggle
+ Introduces Vehicle Forgery Toggle
+ Adds discord logging to support opening and closing criminal toggle logs
+ Adds support for auto close criminal toggles to on-hold if no sufficient LEO is online
+ Criminal toggles rely on FacID1 and FacID5 to be online
- Disables ability of trials to create new radio stations.
// Fixes typos from lscts to lsts
+ Adds logging for /aunimpound
+ Adds new anticheat protection for everything you could think of
+ Adds anticheat for startup
+ Adds anticheat dependency for AC
+ Forced update database structures for new AC
// Fixes TW13 Road Collision
// Fixes an oversight from Prestige Modelling
// Fixes an issue of exiting the vehicle not being defined due to speed

I hope you all enjoyed the read (if you made it this far). Here's to bigger and better things in the future!

Development Team

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