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[GUIDE] - Businesses & Shops


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AGRP Business System v1.5
The features described in this guide are subject to change.
Business management has never been this extensive on MTA roleplay servers, thus AGRP takes pride in features that contribute to the overall atmosphere of the server. With that being said, a brand new script has been developed by Nando to make business management achievable and enjoyable for everyone involved.


1. Acquiring a business property

First and foremost, you will need to decide whether you will be running an independent business or if it will be owned by a legal company. If you choose the latter, know that you can purchase a faction slot at the County Hall.
The process is as simple as walking up to the property and purchasing it for yourself, or your faction.

2.Deciding the type of your shop

If you're not satisfied with the shop type of the business property that you obtained, you can always create a report to have an admin change it, Here is a full list of the existing categories of shops on AGRP:

 - General Store or 24/7 (Goods, Electronics & Consumables)
 - Electronics Store
 - Food & Drinks (Restaurant/Cafe)
 - Liquor Store (Beverages only)
 - Furniture Store
 - Clothing Store
 - Firearms Store
 - Hardware Store (Tools & Appliances)
 - Gas Station (24/7 + refill orders)
 - Mechanic Garage (vehicle customization orders)

Every shop can have up to two different NPCs! If you have one of the NPC types above you can have an extra special NPC for your needs:

 - Custom Store (Empty NPC that you can restock with your own items)

3. Management panel

Welcome to your management tab, which you can view by right-clicking on your recently spawned NPC. Here, you will see every important aspect of your business, including your employees, your current stocks, prices and other useful features. Let's explore those, shall we?




Managing your shop

Your shop will not function on its own unless you restock it regularly, choose competitive prices and hire employees to boost your sales! Management can be done mainly via the dedicated tab on the NPC of your shop.


4. Manage Supplies

Via this button you will have the opportunity to order supplies for your business which will be delivered straight to its doorstepby the county's brave truck drivers. Prices are dynamic and tend to vary a lot every week.




5. Manage Products

Here, you will be presented with a list of your products your store is currently selling. You are able to oversee their prices and you will have the ability to change those too by simply double-clicking on your product.

Fun fact; if you have a Custom NPC in your store, you can drag and drop items onto it to put them up for sale for prices of your choice!




6. Manage Employees

Now, time for your staff! Via this button you are presented with all the possible actions that allow you to manage your personnel. The commands are pretty self-explanatory. Here is a list of existing ranks and their permissions.

 - Employee: the starting rank
Can only use the special commands of the shop and resign whenever they wish.

 - Manager: the only level you can promote an employee to
Can hire anyone, fire other employees, and can resign whenever they wish. Has permission to manage Stock & Products.

 - Owner: the person or faction who owns the shop
Can hire, fire, promote and demote anyone. Cannot leave the business -> only way is to /sell it to someone else; or have it transferred to another company. Has permission to manage Stock & Products.





7. Collect Profit

Everyone's favourite: money. It's as simple as clicking on the presented button to fill your pockets with the money stored in the cash register.




8. Clear Logs

Logs are pretty useful. You will be able to see everything relevant to your shop, including items that were ordered to be restocked, recent purchases, rewards and employee logs. The button will clear all of the logs so it's recommended that you have them saved for yourself before you erase it.




Additional Information

1) You will not be able to purchase anything from an NPC shop when a player-owned shop is currently stocked and open.

2) Truckers will not be able to stock NPC shops when player-owned shops are currently pending orders.

3) A business owner can hide/show NPCs of the shop with a simple /tognpcs

4) Mechanic garages and gas stations have access to the special /o(ffer)s(services) command!

5) Shops which sell Meals & Beverages can create generic food & drink items (any name & object!) for a discounted price.

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