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[GUIDE] - Vehicle Dealerships


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Vehicle Dealerships
The features described in this guide are subject to change.
NPC Dealerships

Anyone may purchase vehicles from NPC-owned dealerships that can be found across the map.

These dealerships are identified by yellow blips on the map:Blipid56.jpg
A NPC dealership has a ped that you can interact with.
You can preview and test-drive all vehicles available for purchase.

Since a recent update, NPC Dealerships will be closed for certain periods of time when the server admins deem that there are enough player-owned dealerships with vehicles for sale to the general public. You can read about these below.
You will know when a NPC Dealership is closed when trying to interact with it, and will be informed of where to find player-owned alternatives.

Player Dealerships

Anyone is free start to start a legal business with the sole purpose of trading and selling vehicles.

As of posting this guide, anyone can place their vehicle for sale by following the instructions in this guide.
This ability of using the new vehicle for-sale script may later be restricted to only established vehicle dealership companies.

As mention in the first point of this guide, admins will disable an NPC Dealership if there are enough vehicles being sold by players of the same category, and are well advertised so that players can easily find them.
This will give Player Dealerships a higher chance of selling less attractive vehicles that people normally obtain from NPC Dealerships because they are more easily accessible, and require 0 roleplay to purchase.

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