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[GUIDE] - Taxi Driver


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Video credits originally from San Andreas Roleplay - The predecessor of ArdicGaming Roleplay

I'm a Taxi Driver!
Time to grab yourself a car from Harris Autos and slap a taxi sign on your fresh automobile and setup your taxi meter!
Many vehicles can be used as a taxi as long as they have two things;

Taxi sign (yellow or black, your choice) and a taxi meter.

From there you can use your mouse to interact with the taxi meter to turn on its light, set your fare price and so on!

/tduty /taxiduty or click the icon up on the HUD in the top right to go on your taxi duty to begin serving customers of Red County!

Players can call 444 to place a request to get a lift from you.

Or you can occasionally get NPC calls to keep you active!

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