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LSFD 2nd Battalion - 2024 Q1 Public Report

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Los Santos Fire Department
High Command


2024 Q1 Public Report - East Los Santos Division (2nd Battalion)


1 - Relocation

Since 2nd of March, 2nd Battalion of Los Santos Fire Department has relocated their headquarters from Fire Station No.1 (Downtown) to Fire Station No. 2 (Glen Park) after extensive renovations. The renovated station now boasts a large motor pool, briefing/class room, dedicated kitchen, expansive locker room, dormitories, break room and Battalion Chief’s office. Engine 59, Rescue Ambulance 31 and Quint 24 have all relocated to the station.


2 - Personnel Change


03/02/2024 - Following the dishonorable discharge of Deputy Chief Autumn Powell, Captain Richard Stege of 7th Battalion (Port of Los Santos) was promoted to Battalion Chief and began his assignment.


03/18/2024 - 2nd Battalion admitted Johnson Morgan into LSFD as a Probationary Firefighter. On the same day, Arya Sawyer was also admitted into LSFD’s 2nd Battalion as Probationary EMT.


03/21/2024 - Firefighter John Ruthledge was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant following exceptional and consistently outstanding service.


03/27/2024 - Probationary EMT Arya Sawyer finished her probationary period and was promoted to EMT I. Probationary Firefighter Johnson Morgan failed his probationary period.


3 - Finances


Following the Dishonorable Discharge of Deputy Chief Autumn Powell, Fire Chief Nilsen assigned Battalion Chief Stege to oversee the functions of Firefighter Community Credit Union. On March 3rd, Firefighter Community Credit Union’s license was approved by Mayor Chase. The same day, 2 out of 5 total venues owned by the Credit Union were put up on lease.


On March 10th the initial renovation of Firefighter Community Centre in East Los Santos was completed and now acts as both Community Centre for any FD events, and as the headquarters of the Firefighter Community Credit Union.

4 - Mutual assistance with other government entities


On 21st of March, Battalion Chief Stege met with Director Barry Martin of Los Santos Traffic Services to discuss the use for vehicles that are marked for utilization. Per Traffic Services policy, vehicles that are not unimpounded or sold at an LSTS sales hall are utilized in scrap metal. Both organizations have come to an agreement to use marked vehicles for exercises regarding vehicular accidents, such as First Aid and Extrication, among others..

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