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The Freestylerz

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The Freestylers is a  multi-racial group that consists of teenage motorcycle & bicycle enthusiasts.

The culture of motorcycle clubs has evolved throughout the years into something more unprofessional,

Culture of motorcycle clubs in America and the influence of social media has started many subcultures such as Urban Dirt Bike groups.                    

This culture is known for going around the public doing dare-devil stunts that may cause the public at harm, pedestrians and civillian vehicles can be at risk.

However many more urban cultures that "The Freestylers" take influence from not just Urban Dirtbike Gangs. Since heavy influence is taken from Motorcycle Clubs,     

they go on with their day to day lives partaking in their careers and jobs and do fundraisers in the community to help fund their group and assist people in dare need.

And constantly tweak on their motorcycles for competitions or events. This is how they obtain money in order to fund their crew.

Heavy inspiration was taken from Philidelphia, Los Angeles, Miami Florida lawless motorcycle crews for the birth of "The Freestylers" however the group seeks interest into

creating a group the objective of having a purpose instead of being a informal group with no way of planning for the future.




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