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[GUIDE] - Trucker Job


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AGRP Trucker Job v1.1
The features described in this guide are subject to change.

Video credits originally from San Andreas Roleplay - The predecessor of ArdicGaming Roleplay

For a long time on MTA roleplay servers, there has never been a proper trucker job. Although what we present you here is not a final product nor the perfect trucker job, we believe it's already way more developed and fun than the delivery driver job we saw on other MTA RP servers.
The objective of this job is to buy & sell supplies that are available in the market for prices that may vary. Our original trucker job was planned for the whole of Los Santos and its surroundings but, for the time being, we've simplified it and contained everything inside Red County and possibly Angel Pine as well.
There are so called industries that sell supplies which they make by requiring other supplies to be sold to them by truckers. The supplies intended for consumption by businesses are all that you can currently buy on this version of our trucker job. The goal is to profit from buying and selling for a higher price (this is automatic).
There are two types of businesses that can order supplies for you to deliver. There are player-owned businesses who place orders manually, but there are also NPC-owned businesses that generate supply orders throughout the day. Below you'll find a list of what they buy.
You must deliver these supplies using a truck or van (see the list of allowed vehicles below). On a future version of the job we will allow the use of eighteen wheelers with different types of trailers, for different types of cargo.

Currently, the only truck and van models that are supported by this system are the following (with the respective capacities):


  • Bobcat - 6 crate slots


  • Sadler - 6 crate slots


  • Yosemite - 6 crate slots


  • Walton - 6 crate slots


  • Utility (modded)- 6 crate slots


  • Moonbeam - 6 crate slots


  • Pony - 8 crate slots


  • Topfun - 8 crate slots


  • Burrito - 8 crate slots


  • Rumpo - 8 crate slots


  • Benson - As many as you can fit in the interior


  • Boxville - As many as you can fit in the interior


  • Mule - As many as you can fit in the interior


  • Yankee - As many as you can fit in the interior



  1. Becoming a trucker

You can obtain the "trucker job" required to buy & sell supplies via the SupplyHub application on your cellphone (blue) in-game.
This will remove you from any other job: taxi driver, bus driver, etc.




2. Picking a supply order

You can browse all the pending supply orders in that application. You're able to view the details of the order and click Accept to start the GPS navigation to the location where you will have to deliver the supplies.




3. Getting the supplies

But wait, you need to buy the merchandise beforehand. You can do so by locating an industry or distribution hub that sells the product that you want to resell to a business.
The storage units are scattered around the warehouse. Here I accepted a route which requires x225 "General Goods". You do not have to buy all, you can transport as many as you'd like. Once you park your compatible vehicle into the blip, you have to right click onto yourself and specify how many units you'd like to purchase. Once that is done, you'll have to manually pick up the "Crate" item and place it into your inventory. 
Off-loading the units work vice versa; you simply remove it from your own inventory and place it into your vehicle's. Make sure your doors are open!


NEW: You can now press the 'J' key to interact with crates (picking, dropping, placing in vehicle, etc)





4. Delivering and offloading

Delivering is just as easy as it sounds, though needless to say, try not to get caught speeding, ramming into others, the usual. Once you have arrived at the drop-off location, safely park up and repeat the previous steps - open your rear doors, take your crates out via the inventory system and drop it onto the ground within the blip. With a simple /selldropoff, your dropped off items are sold and the money is wired over to your bank.

Voila, you have done it! You just delivered!




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