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[GUIDE] - Selling Vehicles


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Selling Vehicles
The features described in this guide are subject to change.
Selling to another player or faction

You may sell a vehicle that is registered to your character's name to any other player.
Faction leaders may do this with a faction-owned vehicle.

To do so you have to follow these steps:

  • You (or the buyer) need to obtain a DMV Ownership Transaction Paper item from the Department of Motor Vehicles (Montgomery DMV office).


  • You then have enter the vehicle you wish to sell and ask the buyer to stay next to you.


  • Next, you click the DMV paper item in your inventory, and fill in the buyer's character name (no underscores).


  • Once you press Sell the ownership of your vehicle will be transferred to the buyer which will automatically receive the vehicle key.

Note: You can transfer ownership of a vehicle from a faction you lead to yourself using the DMV paper.
You can also sell a vehicle to a faction by entering the full faction name in the DMV paper sell menu.

Putting your vehicle for sale
This feature is only for DEALERSHIP FACTIONS.

You may alternatively display a 'for-sale' sign on your vehicle which allows anyone to purchase it without requiring your presence.
Faction leaders may do this with a faction-owned vehicle.

To do so you have to follow these steps:

  • Enter the vehicle you wish to put up for sale.


  • Right-click it and select Sell Vehicle.


  • Select 'Place for sale' and read the new menu displayed.


  • This is where you enter the price you wish to sell your vehicle for. We display the vehicle's dealership price to better guide you.


  • You may enable the two options: owner must be online or buyer must have a driver's license. They work the way their title suggests.


  • Once you press Save the vehicle will be displayed for sale. You can verify this by going back to the Sell Vehicle menu or reading your vehicle's ALT description.


  • Other players will now be able to right click your vehicle and select Purchase to buy it.


  • You receive an account notification as well as a chat message (if you're online) whenever someone buys a vehicle that you put for sale.



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