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[GUIDE] - GPS & Navigation


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AGRP GPS System v1.0
The features described in this guide are subject to change.
The GPS system is really useful if you don't know your way around the map. Additionally, it's a really easy script to utilize once you know the common commands, all of which are outlined within this guide! 
Should you have any other questions or concerns regarding the GPS after reading this, please ask in-game via F1 or use our Discord's #support channel.

  1. Obtaining a GPS

First and foremost, to use the GPS system you actually need the item. To get this, you have to visit one of the appointed electronic stores. Luckily for you, Montgomery has one right around the corner from the spawn point!
The GPS will cost you $200 and will be directly added to your inventory upon purchase.



2. /GPS usage (if you know the address)

Now, in order to use the /gps you need to know the address or the interior name. Once you know either of these, you simply enter it into your chat, along with the prefix /gps [Address/InteriorName]


3. /GPS usage (if you don't know the address)

The system isn't any more difficult if you don't know the address of the interior. For instance, you'd like to visit a bank. You simply /gps bank and it will automatically print out all the possible options for you to choose from! 
Once the options are presented to you, you can simply choose your desired location with /gpschoose [# choice] and a blip will be created on your minimap. 

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