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[GUIDE] - Radio Hosting (Free)


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 AGRP Radio Hosting
The features and prices described in this guide are subject to change.

One recurring question that scrapes the bottoms of the support channels: "how to host a radio station?". This mystery is today debunked by your host, me. I am here to share my 1 month of radio hosting wisdom and to reveal my secrets.

First things first, you will require a few things before you can just slap your link in-game. You need to have either the links directing to a static .mp3 file, or alternatively you can just download the .mp3 files themselves. I personally prefer and recommend the latter, but each to their own.
Additionally, you will need some coins that you can obtain through donating or playing on the server to activate your radio station on the server.


  1. Register on Zeno Radio

First and foremost, you will need to register on Zeno Radio. You can go to the website by clicking HERE.

Here, you will need choose your service type. If your intentions are to host a radio station, "Streaming Radio" is the perfect option for you. It gives you various tools to utilize so I recommend you read through those too.



Your next page will request you to sign up for the services. It will ask you different personal questions. Fill it out however you wish.



Now, go and check your emails for the code that was sent to it. It is primarily to avoid fake registries. Once that is done, just finish off with some flair, name your station (irrelevant for now) and make sure to put H04X as your referral for extra cookies. 🙂

2. Managing your UCP

Voila! You are now in. You can view different statistics on your dashboard, pretty cool but not needed. From here, navigate over to "Stations".



On this page, you can view your current stations. They are essentially playlists. From here onward, you will need to click on "Add New Station" to advance over.



Now comes the magic. You need to select the option "Playlits (FluoZ)", due to it including the AutoDJ feature. Press next!



These settings are still irrelevant, in a way. No one will bat an eye if you name your playlist something embarassing or awkward, go wild. It's mainly for you to differentiate your own stations. Set it to < 5 people and Add Station.



Welcome to your dashboard! Give it a good look and continue to follow the guide. Click on "Auto DJ" on the side panel.



Now, you can begin to upload your songs. Just click on "Upload Audio" and drag-and-drop your files. Or alternatively, use the static mp3 files I previously mentioned. Go wild!



Once you have uploaded the song and it has been analysed, make sure to press on "Save" to save any changes. Then, head back over to your dashboard via the side panel button.



Here, you will need to copy out the URL from the MAIN section. It's outlined in the picture below.




3. Implementing your station in-game

Perfect! Now, there's only one more thing left for you to do and that is to implement your station into the server. Head into the server and press F10 to bring up the menu.



Here, navigate over to the Donator Stations on the top tab.



You can see all the radio stations that have been implemented by the players. Now, click on "Purchase a new station (10 GC)" to allow the menu to pop up.



You can put the radio station name in now. This will appear for everyone! Additionally, the stream MAIN URL you copied out earlier, that is to be pasted into the lower field. Now, click on purchase.



Your station will appear here! (mine obviously didn't, I'm not purchasing a new one :flushed:) All you have to do now is to click on "Sync stations to all clients" and your radio station will be available for everyone to listen to!



Perfectly executed! Now, you will need to renew your station on a monthly basis which will cost you the initial price of the station (10 GCs in this case). If you have any questions, concerns or any of the sort, please contact me via Forum PM or on Discord at Portside#3403. Happy tunes! 🙂

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