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Zeke Hassan was born into the rough and tumble slums of Idlewood, a community tucked away inside the expansive Los Santos city. He was exposed to the brutal realities of gang life at an early age, as they were prevalent in his environment. Zeke, who was raised in a home with only one father, was lured to the prestige and power that came with belonging to the Idlewood Mafia Bloods, one of the most infamous gangs in the region.

He rapidly picked up the skills necessary to survive on the streets as a child. He gained experience negotiating the perilous terrain of gang warfare and earned his stripes by being ruthless and faithful. Zeke, who was well-liked by the group for his bold attitude and street smarts, showed himself to be a great asset as he grew older. But Zeke's goals went beyond just following orders as a lowly member of the gang. He had an acute sense of commercial acumen and a bright intellect, qualities he knew he could use for his own benefit. Zeke started dabbling in the lucrative world of drug dealing and arms trafficking when he was still young, capitalizing on his gang ties to build a successful network.

His ambitions increased along with his notoriety. He was tired of living under the gang leader's control and desired for independence. Having built his street reputation and acquired a substantial amount of money via his illegal activities, Zeke took the audacious choice to go it alone. Zeke was determined to forge his own route to success and decided to go it alone. In the underground of Los Santos, he considered himself as a rising star, a self-made entrepreneur with no one to answer to but himself. Zeke set out to create his empire one transaction at a time using his ingenious mind and unrelenting resolve.

It would not be simple to break away from the Idlewood Mafia Bloods, though. Zeke was aware that other gangs fighting for control of the streets would oppose him and that he would always fear reprisals from these formerly comrades. Zeke was driven by his thirst for power and his desire to make his imprint on the place he called home, yet he remained unfazed. Zeke is aware that the road ahead would be perilous and unknown as he makes his way across the perilous waters of the criminal underground. But with a strong sense of desire and street smarts, he is prepared to face any obstacles in his path as he pursues his goal of being the best—alone and unabashedly ambitious.


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