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Brought you by Really Rich Podcast.

Jayvaughn Sanker says: Where are you originally from?

Dennis Rod says: Dawg mi from Trinidad where it have men who would really dust out yuh face badness or not. Mi see couple nerds stomp out real badman face. Learn nuh tuh underestimate man.

* Jayvaughn Sanker laughs out loud *

Jayvaughn Sanker says: Are you serious nigga? You seen a nerd kick out somebody's face?

Dennis Rod says: Dem glasses boy them? You never know wah dem boy capable of. Believe me dan.

Jayvaughn Sanker says: So what brought you to America... Red County I should say?

Dennis Rod says: (Has a slight change in his tone of accent) Wah really bring me here? Just wanted to try out a new environment you know? I hear America is d land of making things happen. I came here and make ting happen.

* Dennis Rod takes a joint from between his ear he lights it on the spot *

Jayvaughn Sanker says: I heard you came from a wooden house is that true?

Dennis Rod says: To be honest? I was living in a Minecraft economy. I never know what money was. I had rain seeping through my roof. Couple nights me couldn't sleep. Had to use a bucket to catch the water.

Jayvaughn Sanker says: You said you was a honest law abiding citizen who worked taxi, what went wrong?

Dennis Rod says: Yeah, I was workin taxi... sellin a lul kush on di side. You know how that go! Money have to be made. Taxi wasn't paying enough alone. Had to get my money organized. But that? It was saddistic the money I had I couldn't do shit with it other than pay bills. I really wanted to become a millionaire so I can kick my feet up. I went from driving taxi to posting up on a corner with plenty traffic. I see the opportunity to make money den I take it.

Jayvaughn Sanker says: I see, I see. All you was doing was selling a lil eighth ball here and there?

* Dennis Rod's jewellery sounds like forks and spoon clashing as he makes little movements. *

Dennis Rod says: Exactly. But what went wrong was... I needed to build a serious squad, a serious team. You know these corners vicious. People get shot at. Some boy head end up leaking on the street for littlest thing.

Jayvaughn Sanker says: So you went out and recuit a couple people?

Dennis Rod says: Not exactly you know? I went to jail. I had a couple run-ins with some new boots who working sheriff office. Them just wanted the paycheck like me. I was in and out about three times for petty charges. When I come out I started passing out couple guns on d streets. That's when I get couple soldiers who wanna work and sell that product for me. They was like... "You sell me this gun and I can't do shit with it. I might as well hug this corner with you."

Jayvaughn Sanker says: How did you ran into Buddhist?

* Dennis Rod scratches his forehead for a bit, he takes a long toke from his joint *

Dennis Rod says: Buddhist? Man Buddhist was a well-known man in Red County. Buddhist had di nicest set of cars. Big cash, best jewellery and best women. He introduce me to plenty thing you know? He even buy me and my kids gifts for Christmas. Imagine he hook his whole team with twenty thousand dollar motorcycles... But I went off-topic there. Nah bu- Buddhist I met him on the corners you know? He said he like the program I running and thing and wanted me to help him get rid of his weight you know? Show me his riches and thing. I wanted to be rich like him. I met a couple politicians, actors and other badman from him you know. He had my back. He told me. "Caribbean niggas run the block, I have your back with any move you do."

Dennis Rod says: That's when me and him start linking.

*Jayvaughn Sanker phone starts ringing mid interview *

Jayvaughn Sanker says: I heard there was a big mix-up between you and other people in your organization.

Dennis Rod says: So you do your homework? You find the article on google ah?

Dennis Rod says: I can't really talk much about that you kno. All I can say is the people who we went to war with? They were my friends. I had plenty love for dem. They had my back I had theirs. But what went wrong is they try to extort Buddha's boy yuh know? I really couldn't let that slide. I had to buss couple shot behind the pussy them. Plenty people did dead you know? This is not no fuckin... what to call it? Scooby-Doo thing both sides had real niggas ready to drill n kill yuh know?

Dennis Rod says: We really had to shoot it out wit S-E-B. Who the fuck you know going and shoot it out with people wearing military gear and bullet proof vests with nine-x-nineteen and 7.62s without a helmet... bulletproof vest and a non-armoured vehicle? Dawg we literally had niggas pullin up shootin di police in a Crown Victoria. The max speed for a Crown Vic is about 98 miles per hour. Who you know going to try shake the police in one of that?

Dennis Rod says: Shit was crazy dog. I am telling you. I shouldn't even be alive today. We was just young dumb and reckless.

(Youtube advertisement cuts out the interview)

Jayvaughn Sanker says: You were talking about vehicles earlier, when you collected your first wad vehicle you bought?

* Dennis Rod begins frowns abit, he looks down at his wristwatch. *

Dennis Rod says: You know what this is? A Rollex. Time never stops. You live life to the fullest. Remember that! But...

Dennis Rod says: My connection to the streets was so close I didn't even had to buy shit. I had a homeboy who ran a shop out in Dillimore. Bob... Bobby O Niel. He passed away now. I think it's because of natural causes or probably a shoot-out. I really didn't bother to find out. His brother Bruce? He just came down and broke down the news to me dog. I didn't wanted to go into details because you know how personal people keep that shit.

Dennis Rod says: Bobby was known for buying antiques and sleepers and flipping them for a fat wad. To be frank with you? I made a exchange with Bobby I tossed him a Israeli Uzi, straight from a warehouse from Israel. The weapon itself is a hefty price and I tossed him a Benelli. 12-Gauge.

Dennis Rod says: Bobby hooked me up with a Mercedes Benz SL500 convertible a 90s model. He also hooked me up with a Yahama Beach Buggy as a bonus. I was rolling around in the streets in style. From afar you can identify me. I was the only one in the county with a SL500.

Dennis Rod says: I've got a picture right here on my album.

* Dennis Rod gets out a IPhone 13 out of his pockets, he goes through his gallery. *

Dennis Rod says: Jay, look at this.


Jayvaughn Sanker says: Is that a gun?

Dennis Rod says: No retard. That's a prop. Look at it closely... "REPLICA" at the side of the gun.

Jayvaughn Sanker says: I can't even see the side of the gun Menace. You're fucking with me!

* Jayvaughn Sanker squints his eyes looking at the photo. *

Dennis Rod says: You need to ZOOM in the photo. You'll see it. If not the photo quality is fucked up. I photo off a huawei. But I'm telling you. We would buy replica guns from China and run around the neighborhood like kids yelling "BOOM BOOM!"

Jayvaughn Sanker says: You're funny.

Dennis Rod says: I'm serious! Have I ever lied to you?

Jayvaughn Sanker says: We just met.

Dennis Rod says: Look at this one! You gonna definately see "REPLICA" on this photo.

* Dennis Rod swipes the photo *

Dennis Rod says: This photo we were auditioning for a movie called "Stick them up." Where I act as a character called Hakeem Wyle a stick-up artist.

Dennis Rod says: The guy beside me? He's a backup actor. You ever watched a hispanic movie and the antagonist is always named Hector? Well this is him. His character was Hector Alvarez.





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Expanding to Los Santos

* Dennis Rod's phone rings. *

Dennis Rod [Cellphone] says: I'm out there spending time with my cousin. I'll send you some pictures. I'm staying away from trouble, I'll take you out to eat later hon.




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Expanding to Los Santos

Dennis Rod [Cellphone] says: How much fucking times I gotta say don't bring that up on the phone nigga? Your bitch spittin in yo ear?

Dennis Rod [Cellphone] says: No, no, no. You don't fuckin listen.



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