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[Dev Blog] #7 | Los Santos Move & Features


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ArdicGaming Roleplay

Dev Blog #7

~Los Santos Move & Features~


The community asked and we answered. This will be our final move, our final resting place. Welcome back to Los Santos like you haven't imagined. Los Santos has been the humble home for many of us; and as we all know, the last successful roleplaying server to accomplish LS was OwlGaming. Feeling nostalgic yet? We have moved back to LS with the goal to allow everyone's imagination run free. We want you to enjoy what we have in store for you. We have (and are still) updating the city constantly with mapping and 3D modelling. Development has slowed down a little due to myself being extremely busy, but that aside we're still well on track. We want everyone to be able to enjoy Los Santos in the way that they imagined. We have repurposed some of the maps from Owl, along with some of our own just to give us MTA Oldies to be nostalgic over. Rest assured, don't let that fool you. We will be making changed dynamically in accordance to the demand of the people and its communities. Gangs, Mafias, Legal and Illegal alike will have a voice to propel their changes and shape the city of fallen angels. 


Welcome home...




Removed: -
Added: +
Reworked/Fixed: //


+ Initializes new repository for AGRP Los Santos
- Initially removes "face values" of LCPD, LCFD, FDLC, Liberty City etc
- Removes LCS map and dependencies
// Updates LS Mini
// Updates LS Dependencies for Mini
- Disables lc-map:loading, re-enables beginLogin for login panel
// Renamed Liberty_GPS + Liberty_Mini to ardic respectively
// Create character locations to LS
// Character selection screen
// Respawn location
// Car shop location
// Bike shop location
// Updates trash job positions for LS
+ Adds an automated /ame for the player when they are released from prison.
+ Updates RP zone for LS from Liberty
+ Updates Faulklin island zones
+ Adds Prison Correctional to the RP Zones
// Updates handling editor location
+ [TM] Moves TM resources to its own location
+ Updates location for minimap
- Removes Owl leftovers for vehicle-manager
// Changes blips for car shops along with ped locations
// Changes preview and purchase locations
// Changes names of shops
- [Tooltips System] Misc removals
// Updates bus job location
// Updates bus marker (start and end)
// Updates bus ped
// Updates routes for bus
+ Adds random taxi locations for LS
+ Adds random taxi locations for El Corona
+ Adds random taxi locations for Ganton
+ Updates taxi blacklist to include (temp for testing on dev);
Portland Island,
Shoreside Vale,
Staunton Island,
And some various other ones
// Changes impound location to Ocean Docks HQ
// Changes impound name from Downtown to Ocean Docks
// Setups up DMV route for LS
+ Adds fishing piers to LS
// Changes trucking depot to Docks
+ Setup up all things trucking
+ Adds rotation timer to delay rotating player after respawn so player is facing correct direction
+ Adds occlusions to false upon joining the server (odd and old MTA bug for mappings)
+ Adds TM Furniture & Dependencies (interior furniture system)
// [Vehicle System] comment typo for civvehjob
+ Adds a GUI to easily manage jobs
+ Adds IPS as an enterable interior
+ Adds Ganton Cluckin Bell as an enterable interior 
+ Adds an underground parking in Market as an enterable interior cool for possible events for underground racing maybe? 
+ Adds a super easy recording system for nodes and gridIDs which literally requires a fraction of the effort as it did before
+ Populates the entire of LS with road names (we couldn't use grandfather system from all old scripts like Owl etc due to it using super old noding system. Our new minimap system is far more superior
+ Adds SA style license plates back to the server
// Moves crusher to LS
+ Adds a ped to talk to for Crusher Info
// Moves Trash Job to LS
// Updates trash vehicle description to say DSLS
+ Adds no vehicles allowed sign to speedlimit
+ Adds Verona Fishing Pier
+ Initializes speedLimit 20 (used for no vehicle access sign)
+ Fixes a bug where rotation timer wasn't working correctly after respawn
+ [Shaders, account] Re-adds water shader from LC but changes internal names
+ [Startup] Adds dependencies to startup
// Changes revisions from LC to LS dependencies
- Removes LC references with LS ones (LSTS for example instead of LCTS)
// Moves minimap and gps to appropriate location
// Moves fishing marker temporarily to East LS Ganton
+ Sets auto expiry (auto deletion) to 7 days instead of 3 for notes
+ Converted to use LS Forums
+ Converted to use LS Ardipedia
+ Converted to use LSPD Forums
+ Converted to use LS Live Game DB
+ Converted Factions from LC to LS
- Removed all world items that was not placed by me (sorry, not sorry, no easier way of doing this)
- Removed all elevators leading to dimension zero (due to LS and interiors getting moved)
+ Uploaded all server-reliant maps to the live 
+Ported all interiors from /ints (active, inactive) to fit in place on LS DB (Sonny)
+ Fixes a typo for Pasadena Blvd spelling
+ Adds the ability to search a map by its name or by type (interior, exterior)
+ Adds St Lawrence Blvd as a street
+ Adds Pershing Square as a street
+ Adds One Police Plaza as a street
+ Changes ID licenses to reflect LS again
+ Changes Driving License to reflect LS again
+ CCWP now has its own image card
+ Tidies up bullshit image retrieval for items. (licenses and IDs)
+ Webhook integration for FLD members issuing a CCWP.
// Updates login music
// Redacts /setvol >100 to Head Admin only. - This was initially used for testing, now staff use it daily, no thanks.
// Changes Prestige Logistics faction ID from 42 to 15 for dependency scripts.
+ Adds LS Skatepark Street/Zone Name
// Updates the login mods loading text
// Moves grave locations to LS Graveyard
+ Updates how missing and CKed people are displayed using colshapes rather than icons
+ Adds an information trigger to the entrance of the graveyard building to display how to check for missing/dead people
- Disables the adding waypoint to F11
+ Adds the Cardinal North Direction to the minimap and making it sticky (literally achieved this the same way R* did with GTA V lol)
// Makes the text info in F11 more easily readable
// Fixes a typo in info text for F11 map
+ Adds more info for usage for F11
+ Adds sticky blips for job blips and north location on minimap
+ Adds Willowfield Basketball Courts as a street
+ Denies caching for gps
+ Adds a carwash to IGS
+ Adds a basketball court to Forest Courts, Ganton
+ Adds a basketball court to Willowfield
+ Adds prerequisite for 402 (Buffalo for UCP image)
+ Adds proper UV Mapping to the following (credits to Midnight);
1. Police SF
2. Police LV
3. Police LS
4. Sultan
5. Rancher
6. Huntley
7. FBI Rancher
8. Burrito
9. Buffalo
for Government Wraps - and some add-on vehicles which have to be uploaded manually to the server.
+ Adds spotlight and lightbar support for Buffalo
+ Adds custom blip support for mini and f11 map (TM)
// Updated encryption for certain aspects of the server (models, mods etc) (Spooky)
+ Reintroduces ponds to certain lakes around LS 
+ Adds the first faze of 3D Modelling which includes;
1. Idlewood Pizza Stacks (enterable)
2. Willowfield Cluckin' Bell (enterable)
3. East LS Beach Pier
4. Pershing Square
5. Jefferson Skate Park
6. Market Underground Garage [Redacted from Public Update]
+ Adds 68 new animations to its own category block (Spooky)
- Removes redundant code that is no longer used by the minimap
// Updates categories and labelling of /anims to allow for the new anims from Spooky
// Make 911 blip on map disappear after 5 minutes instead of 10
+ Adds Fleeca Bank as an enterable interior, Pershing Square
+ Adds IGS as an enterable interior, Ganton
+ Adds Binco as an enterable interior, Grove Street
// Replaces LCPD badge image with LSPD
// Removes leftover SD references for either PD or LSPD
// togcarshop to senior instead of trial
- Removes text2speech repo from startup as no longer used
// Fixes typo for blocks that broke anims
+ New handcuffing pose method that works on top of other animations without breaking the handcuff anim
+ Fixed an issue where ANPR was broadcasting to all players in the server.
+ Added restriction so that ANPR only shows to driver and front passenger in the vehicle.
+ Adds door support for add on building models
+ Added doors to Binco, Fleeca and IGS models
+ Added support for message exports to discord for map names. How the map manager system was built for Owl was so stupid so severe internal reworking was done for this to work.
+ Adds QoL for enabling/disabling PNS. When PNS is enabled, spray icon shows and cylinder is green. When PNS is disabled, blip goes away from map and cylinder is red.
+ Populated the city with over 1,000 interiors (Sonny)
// Updates release locations for impounded vehs
// Updates pricing for price per day and price for one day for towing impound
// Forgot to switch back vehicle model to coach after finish developing bus job.
+ Moved carshop peds into their respective interiors now that they're completed.


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  • Portside changed the title to [Dev Blog] #7 | Los Santos Move & Features
  • 2 weeks later...

Looking back on it this was a huge move and AGRP staff did an incredible job with these very specific additions and fixes. This was some hefty work in a short time frame, the final product shows to be functional and the script is becoming more and more unique.

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