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image.png.959dc6e26b4570769be41150b224def7.pngSix Deuce East Coast Neighborhood Crip
The Eastside Six Deuce East Coast Neighborhood Crip is an African-American street gang based out of the Jefferson district on the Eastside of Los Santos. Their hood stretches from the 110 Freeway in the West to Avalon Boulevard on the East.
They are part of the 6-Pacc, consisting of the Six Deuce, Six-Six, Six Eight and Six Nine East Coast Crips.
The East Coast Crips falls under the Neighborhood Crip car, alongside the Main Street Mafia, Rollin Forties, Rollin Fifties, Rollin Sixties, Rollin Seventies, Rollin Nineties and the Rollin Hundreds. 
They are known to beef with: Five Deuce Broadway Gangster Crip, Harvard Park Brim, Avalon Gangster Crip, Grape Street Watts Crip, Blood Stone Villain, Five Deuce to Eleven Deuce Hoover, Mad Family Swan Blood and Florencia 13.


image.png.a6c3cf9b68b8ef52326b33d19d939f9b.pngStrike-Ups and Wall-banging
Gang members are known to tag their hoods onto walls in their respective turf.  Most of the time a tag is being sprayed it is just the gang's geographical location and their initials. For example, the Eastside 62 East Coast Crip gang would tag ES 62ECC while the Westside Rollin Sixties would tag WS RSC. Gang-members will occasionally go "tag-banging" in enemy turf and most gang-members are armed while doing so, as it is dangerous to tag up another hood's walls.
Wall-banging activities are often recorded for social media, in order to troll the opposition for not being outside.
Members will often whack-out enemy gangs or add a "K" behind the abreviation of an enemy hood or street to signify they are "that hood" killers.





GG92Exe.pngJailhouse Politics
When gang-members end up in jail or prison, they will be hit by reality, living in close quarters with rival hoods and nowhere to hide. As soon as gang-members hit county-jail, everything changes. Depending on your race or gang-ties, you will have to run with a certain "car". The Southsiders stick with their race and have to fall in line. Beef two Mexican gangs might have on the street is put on hold while incarcerated. Black Southsiders have to stick to the code of the Mexican Mafia as well. Most Caucasians are part of the "Woods" car, unless they are members of a Hispanic or Black street-gang, in this case they check in with their respective car, though this is frowned upon by most "Woods". The Neighborhood Crips have to go up against a strong alliance consisting of most Gangster Crip sets, all Hoover sets and some Blood sets. The "Moovin-Groovin-Suuwhoopin" alliance. If you happen to get into a dorm with mostly enemies, you will have to fight each and every enemy that wants to fight you. They will line up and make you fight every one of them until you can't no more. When you hit an actual penitentiary, all the jail politics get thrown out of the window once again. Now you just run with the "Black" car, the "Southsider" car, or the "Woods". Being in an actual prison is a step-up from being locked up in the county jail, as there is less fighting and an overall higher standard. When violence does occur, it's mostly riots or stabbings, unlike in the county jail, where it's an all out gladiator school, where you fight all day.






OOC Information
The EASTY CRIP thread is a based on the real-life 62 East Coast Crips. A real gang hailing out of Los Angeles, California.
Our main goal is to portray the struggle and daily-life of a low-income community that has been affected by gang violence and poverty. If you find yourself wanting to join, you should be aware of the current day "Los Angeles Gang Politics" and the symbolism these gangs use. We prioritize quality-roleplay and development, so if you are trying to join for DM or other malicious intents, you will be kicked without a warning. Most of our members live in the CET timezone, so expect most users to be online during GMT +2 hours if you want to roleplay with us. Here's our DISCORD

If you'd like to keep updated on our development make sure to click on the "Follow" button at the top of the page. Questions, concerns, criticism and ideas can be sent to me via forum PM.

Be aware that if you roleplay with us, you automatically sign your Character Kill rights over to faction leadership.

Inquiries can be forwarded to @XtradOut.




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