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[GUIDE] - Graffiti System


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AGRP Graffiti System v2.3
The features described in this guide are subject to change.

We have many feature-rich systems within our server and graffiti is one of them. Please read below proper usage and instructions on the graffiti system.

What is the Graffiti System?
The Graffiti System is a system that allows you to draw/tag on essentially anywhere in the map. You can create your own graffiti within the menu, or you can upload one from a URL. Graffiti can be used specifically to help determine a certain part of the city to help indicate who the block belongs to. However, it can also be utilized to express artistic design by art-lovers alike!

How to use it?
 We need to get permission to use the system. - The system is toggled off by default by users. So we request this in-game by making a report.

Great, I have permission... now what!?
You need to understand a few things about the system, number one is the rules which are here at section 1.15 Graffiti System Breaking any of these rules could result in your graffiti permissions being revoked, you could even be blacklisted from ever using the system again; or it could result in a temporary/permanent ban from the server depending on the severity.

Okay, I'm an Angel, how do I use it?
Let's first look at the /draw command (/graffiti)

Right away, when we execute the command; we're presented with this menu. From here we can literally paste a URL to here. Please remember that if you're using a a URL that it must be on the preapproved list of hosts

Uploading a URL
Execute the /draw command and you will be presented by the panel above. Let's take this link https://i.postimg.cc/HnZQ7YNW/streetgraff.png as our upload.



Once we've pasted in our link, we can then press on download.


When we press download we will be greeted with this in our chatbox



Now we can navigate to our Saved Graffiti



And click on the image we just uploaded



When we click on the graffiti, we can either press Enter to apply or Backspace to cancel our selection.



At this point the graffiti has now been imported into our "drawing panel" 


We can either make more edits here using the brush thickness selector and colorpicker



Clicking on the colorpicker again will close it, same with the brush thickness selector


When we are satisfied with our selection we can press save


We can now equip our spraycan and approach a wall or similar surface and begin our roleplay. When we have concluded our roleplay we can then aim the spraycan at the surface and begin to tag.


A percentage bar shows how long is left on the graffiti. Walking away from this half way will result in the graffiti not being finished. You can not start a new tag until the first one is completed. You can stop half way through your tag to roleplay, the progress bar will save the current progress. See below for further inspection





Let's continue to finish our design.


When the design is completed, we have a 15 minute cooldown period for us to be able to remove the graffiti (this is in case it doesn't look right, or we want to resize it, maybe it doesn't look as good as we thought. So we allow 15 minutes to remove the graffiti from the wall.


Let's use this example of my graffiti being too big so I want to make it smaller. Let's go ahead and remove the graffiti


Wait until the progress bar has completed.


Usage of /gsize
With a graffiti currently selected from your draw menu, go ahead and type /gsize




In this instance I will be using /gsize 1 to make my graffiti smaller.




As shown above, the graffiti is much smaller than it was initially.


Admin Rights
Admins have a special set of tools that allows them to see who drew the graffiti, at what time, and if they want to delete it or admin-lock it. Admin-locking graffiti will mean that cleaners cannot come along and roleplay removing your tags. If the tag has not been admin-locked they can be removed using roleplay and the graffiti cleaning script. 

Starting Fresh and Using The Draw Panel



Let's start with a new graffiti, only this time we will draw our own and not import it. Pressing on the "New" button only erases your current drawing panel, your graffiti is still saved in the "Saved Graffiti" tab.



Once we're happy with our drawing, we can go ahead and press the save icon again to apply.



Using the spraycan we tagged the wall again.


By opening the menu once more and going to saved graffiti we can see our most recent drawing was saved.



*NOTE: Due to this system using CEF, for some reason CEF can be buggy on certain GPUs with MTA. If the system doesn't work specifically for your setup, this is due to your system being one of those "weird MTA things" where CEF doesn't work correctly for you. There is absolutely nothing we can do about this as it is an MTA thing and not a server thing.

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