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Raden Foster


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Raden Foster, a 16-years old black man, stands around 6' feet.Dressed in a white jacket, black jeans, and a black puma shoes.

  • Known for:

-Silent/quiet - He rarely speaks
-He has a good physical structure.
-Interested in his fashion


Los Santos


When he was 11 years old, there were several problems in his life, such as housing, his father died due to a traffic accident etc..., and the lack of finding a stable job for his mother.
So they decided after that to move and live in Liberty City with his aunt, who works in a restaurant she owns.


                                                                                                                                        Liberty City


Now Raden lives in a neighborhood in Liberty City called“Hepburn Heights Projects”
.He trying to adapt to his lifestyle, get to know the neighborhood’s residents, and provide a suitable living environment, with his mother and brother

--  Raden Foster character's story and deveolopment continues in Liberty City -- 


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