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Garrett Lewison, a kid from the suburbs that just wants to play gangster


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Garrett Lewison

"HBO makes some fuckin lit ass shows"





Garrett Lewison was born at Sweeney General Hospital and raised in Shoreside Vale by his parents. As a kid his parents were always busy with work. He often visits his grandparents house and early on as a kid, when his elders would fall asleep, he would sneak downstairs and play Grand Theft Auto. To the dismay of his mother, he grew up obsessed with violence. An only child, Garrett hangs out with his other likeminded friends who also grew up similarly. There exists an entire wave of this type of come up, sheltered kids from the suburbs who prefer video games over history class. Garrett's obsession with violence didn't stop at video games. As he progressed through school with accolades and good grades, he enjoyed doing bad things. Drugs, vandalism and theft. His parents became increasingly concerned with Garrett's behavior when he would go out at night and drink with his friends. Armed with a platinum credit card, Garrett would pull devious licks with his friends and post memes on Finder. He would often drive at night when he was super drunk or high on drugs. These years were quite blurry for Garrett (and those around him).

He became obsessed with gangster culture and movies at a young age. He loves Casino, Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, Gomorrah, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, The Wire, The Sopranos and many other gangster pieces. He constantly watches them, wants to make gangster movies and immerses himself fully in gangster culture. He likes EDM, hip-hop, techno, vaporwave and other modern music. He learned to put on a fake gangster accent by listening to 80s and 90s hip-hop and often copies lingo from them, mostly in an ironic way however he's a surprisingly well-versed street talker. Now engaged in his phone on Finder, he often links up with his friends to pursue the gangster life he always dreamed of... although he may soon learn that the gangster life isn't like the way it is in the movies.


Garrett continued to smoke weed and drink underage. In 2023, he got two tattoos on his left arm: the Steam and Sony Playstation logos. He would routinely sneak into bars and buy alcohol with a fake ID. Time and time again, Garrett would look for illegal opportunities and play out a wicked fantasy that came from a young violent media inception. These were his first years living on his own. He was kicked out of his parent's house in late 2023 and briefly lived in a Portland apartment.


Garrett would decide on a whim to move to Los Santos with his friends after a furious argument with his parents. He signed up for online college pursuing a career as a software engineer but took a parttime job as a taxi driver to pay for bills. He became an apartment landlord on AirBnB after making enough to purchase some cheaper properties.

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