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You can't buy respect, can you? [T2MB-83GC]


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This thread will present the following of the life and character dialogue of Jyreese Richards, a Hepburn Heighs native who’s affiliated with the Eight Tray Gangster Crips (T2MB).



Everything screenshot related or displayed is Jyreese showcasing his life at a standpoint where he is at the age of being 18 years old, a month fresh out of serving time of 3.5 years inside the Alderney State Correctional Facility for having a Sig P220 was confiscated of him with 3.5 grams of marijuana. Jyreese carries a demeanor and attitude of always looking for how he can get over on the next person, rather it’s big or little gain. This personality resorted to his financial gains by doing things that vary from major scams such as card skimming to minor scams such as fake drug deals, gun deals, etc. He also has a public toxic relationship with his mother, that comes off to you seeing the two regularly arguing over how his lifestyle is currently, about his financial situation, him having problems residing at her residence and things of that sort.


A partial look into his background story prior that led up to this position Jyreese is in is that he grew up in a household with just him and his mother. His father didn’t have a chance to have a presence in his life as his father was gang affiliated with the 105 Underground Blocc Crips, and died in a fatal gang shooting that happened during the time Jyreese's mother was pregnant with Jyreese. Long story short, finances dwindled and this forced his mother to go out into the world getting money anyway she could some disgracefully. Jyreese was old enough to remember the struggle he was going through with money. Plus without any father figure playing a part, led to him being laughed at and sometimes clowned on by other kids and would fight back with the kids because of their snobbish & hateful nature towards him. This led to a hustling motivation for Jyreese too, as that pushed him to start pulling sudden acts that he was influenced by his uncle that started coming around in his early teenage years that did things such as scamming, minor scams and card skimming acts for financial stability. His uncle was from the same neighborhood as well that is a gang affiliated neighborhood belonging to the Eight Tray Gangster crips. So hanging out with his uncle more in his early teenage years, led to him being outside more frequently and hanging around the neighborhood, pulling stunts such as playing dice games with the older homies in the set, playing basketball and hanging with the fellow kids in the neighborhood. Doing all of this while being around his uncle, led to encouragement that set his sort of looks on things like always looking on how he can get over on the next person, rather it’s big or little gain on things.


This led down a crucial path in Jyreese ’s life, leading for him to build more involvement around in the streets and becoming more aligned with affiliations with Eight Tray Gangster Crips and taking up under his uncle with that and stuff of that nature. Jyreese started building more of a reputation, that convinced other reputable affiliated members to initiate Jyreese into the Eight Tray Gangster Crips, which he accepted initiation and was put onto the the Eight Tray Gangster Crips. Jyreese ’s mother eventually became more sequenced into what Jyreese was doing on the outside and started not to accept him as much as her own due to his actions, this has led to continuous problems between him and his mother such as arguments, and stuff of that sort. From one instance, a memorable incident is when Tyrell supposedly pointed a firearm at his mother in a specific incident of a loud argument that transpired between the two. Authorities were called to the scene, and nosy neighbors stood outside witnessing the verbal altercation. When authorities arrived, they caught up with Jyreese that attempted to rush from the scene when he attempted to jump out the window of his bedroom. Authorities arrested Jyreese without incident, no firearm was found due to Jyreese ditching it. He was then sent to the Alderney State Correctional Facility until his mother dropped the charges on him two weeks later. But this didn’t make anything any better.

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