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Kendrick "A.K.A G-Wøød " Arkwood


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Name: Kendrick Wright (G-Wøød )
Age: 09/14/2004
Background story: Kendrick Wright is an African-American, who grew up with sad life things  with his mother and half-father.
He went to Gregory McCain High School, where he was expelled after the second year for dealing drugs to students.
After he was kicked out of high school, he started spending his time on the streets and since then he has been arrested several times for street fighting, hooliganism and possession of narcotics.
His stepfather Kevin once found Kendrick using marijuana, where he immediately went after him
to teach him a lesson, however, Kendrick did not let him get hit and returned strong blows to his
to half-father Kevin, since then Kendrick and his half-father Kevin do not speak and hate each other while Kendrick's mother Shanice tries to reconcile them all the time.


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