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[Dev Blog] #5 | General Updates


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Dev Blog #5

~General Updates~

As the launch day is approaching closer, we are working extremely hard to bring you the finished product. Whilst we have made a lot of backend edits and this update may look smaller than the last; please don't be under any false illusions... the updates here are very intense coding. To you it might look like one edit/system, to us it probably took 4 days and 2,000 lines of code. Enjoy!



Removed: -
Added: +
Reworked/Fixed: //


// Update login music to reflect competition winners
+ Adds backwards compatibility for our new gps-system for recon, 911 etc
// Swaps the Object ID due to it conflicting with createMarker "Cylinder"
+ Added compatibility support for new GPS System
+ Compatibility Support for GPS road names, zone location
+ Added support for the new gps system
+ Chat System compatibility GPS road names, zone location
+ Faction compatibility GPS road names, zone location
+ Global compatibility GPS road names, zone location
+ Job system compatibility GPS road names, zone location, bus createMarker change
+ MDC System compatibility GPS road names, zone location
+ Phone compatibility GPS road names, zone location
- Removed Leftover shit from SARP LV which was never changed back.
+ Added toggles for new minimap to F10
+ Added toggles for street & district names for new minimap
+ Added toggle for new speed limit to F10
// Set old street names to off by default in F10
// Cleared live database for account_settings to reflect newest additions
// Updated GPS Item to reflect more modern systems
// Update g_zone_globals for global compatibility 
+ Made hud reflect new stat menus along with tying them to old hud systems, so if new hud is enabled it will remove top bar hud icons.
+ Added cardinal direction for minimap
// Changed an export to reflect backwards compatibility
+ Added compatibility for last known location saves
+ /findgun backwards compatibility for zone find
// Adjusted locs for car and mp3 station location to above the new minimap
// Replaced zone location for backwards compatibility
+ Adds support for exports to zonenames for fuel
+ Adds vehicle manager backwards compatibility
+ Added the first expansion for street names
+ Added the first expansion for zone name
+ Added the first expansion for zone IDs
+ Added exported function for speed limit
// Cleaned up minimap code a little
+ Added health bar to new minimap
+ Added armor bar to new minimap
+ Added oxygen bar to new minimap
+ Added zone name display to new minimap
+ Added street name display to new minimap
+ Added cardinal direction display to new minimap
+ Added speed limit display to new minimap
+ Added Graffiti zone name backwards compatibility
- Removed unwanted code from minimap
+ Added 100% of road names to Staunton Island
// Updated object-interaction preventing /all/ objects from breaking. Reworked the system using Spooky's list of 'breakable' objects to now allow objects to continue to break. (Suka, Spooky)
+ Added over 70 new custom animations (Spooky)
+ Completed 100% of Staunton Island road-naming
+ Deleted and reinstalled TeamSpeak 3 server 
+ TeamSpeak 3 server setup (Munhausen)
+ New and Modern LSPD Rank Insignia (PD Forums - @Taz And may I add they are gorgeous)
+ Updates the trucking location
// Updates the trucking product markers
// Updates the trucking return markers
// Updates the trucking shelves to retrieve bought goods
// Some tidy up for server settings regarding jobs
// Renamed Blueberry Hub to Liberty Distribution LLC
+ Created two ships that move in and out of the city
// Updated the bus job start marker
// Updated bus job ped
// Updated bus job routes 1, 2 & 3
- Removed the red blips from F11 that are related to bus stops
// Updated trash job location
// Updated trash job ped
// Updated trash bags
+ Created 3 individual zones for trash (Staunton, Portland & Shoreside)
// Fixed a bug for zoneName retrieval for deleting trash bags
// Updated the unloading marker to only accept the trash truck reversing to the door
+ Updated some typos in the outputs.
+ Shoreside Vale streets (Sonny)
+ Adds the third and final phase of street names. Shoreside, Staunton and Portland are done along with various areas not tied directly to the islands

Like previously mentioned this is just a lot of quality of life (QoL) updates for the server. Whilst some of them don't look like much they were just extremely time-consuming which held up quite a bit of our development; and unfortunately they needed done. However, they are done now so, that's a good thing.

Please stay tuned to our Discord #Announcements regarding the server's release date as we'll be revealing that in the coming days.



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