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Dewett Williams


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Dewett Williams was born on the gritty streets of Los Santos. He is an African-American Male, Ageing approxx 19 years old. His family was no special than others, There was his father "Keyvon Williams", his mother "Kayelin Williams", his brother "Sean Williams". He got his diploma from "Jefferson High School" and did his colleging from "Vespucci University".

From the start of Dewett's days, his brother was included in gang activities and active frequently in a gang known as "O-Town Bloods", where "Keylon Johnson", Dewett and Sean's cousin was a high-ranker. During Dewett's high school his brother and cousin tried their bests to include him in the gang, but nothing could change Dewett's mind.  His mind was against any kind of illegal activites, Whether it'd be shoplifting, murdering, robbing.

On the day of Dewett's graduation from his college, he was greeted with the news that the O-Town Blood's safehouse was raided, which included the FBI, SWAT and even the NOOSE, and if was found that Dewett's brother and cousin were both also caught in the raid, and were dead on the spot due to "Consumption of Illegal Narcotics".

It was claimed that there was a hefty party going on inside the safehouse and everyone was high on Narcotics. After this news was brought to Dewett, he was shocked and glad that he didn't join the gang. After an year of sitting unemployed. He finally decided to do something. He was still in Liberty City at this point and decided to go back to Los Santos.

Now at the present, he is back here in Los Santos, wonking around, confused.


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