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Autumn Powell


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#0002 Powell — Deputy Chief



Autumn Yvonne Powell is a 33-year-old African American woman residing in Portland, Liberty City. She is slim, 140 lbs, 5'6, and wears an expensive and well maintained weave. She graduated from Hepburn Heights High School in 2008 and has been a firefighter since 2013. She is agnostic and doesn't believe in politics. Autumn has a narcissistic personality due to her overprotective parents and is against having children. She loves money and jewelry and is known to have cheated on several ex-boyfriends. She has a strong affinity for coffee, and drinks alcohol on the weekends. She loves fine dining and is currently in a local volleyball league. Autumn spends copious amounts of time on her phone and social media, but also practices occultism, witchcraft and meditation. She also meditates and takes walks in the park. Autumn has a strong belief in the power of the universe and often uses this knowledge to her advantage. She collects gems. Because of her addiction to caffeine, she often gets facial ticks and visual disturbances. She often times makes nervous gestures and sometimes has trouble breaking out of the habit of blinking. She also twists her hair and makes a sour face every so often.


Autumn was born in Sweeney General Hospital in 1990 to Elayne Powell (née Ross). Her father Terrell Powell is significantly younger than her mother. They lived a comfortable life although they argued a lot. This put Autumn in a bad state of mind and as a child she struggled with making relationships. Still, they enjoyed living in Hepburn Heights in the early 2000s. An only child and Portland native, her parents are both still married. Autumn's mom is a nurse practitioner and her father is a car salesman. They are nearing retirement.



Autumn graduates high school. She often says it was the worst years she remembers. Her parents put her through a community college program for engineering but later switched her major to public safety. Pursuing certifications in firefighting, she was able to get hired as a trainee out of high school. Her directives as a firefighter were challenging, and it was tricky keeping up with an increasingly overpopulated city.



Through the years Autumn has had many toxic relationships. She never really enjoyed any of her time with others or relationships outside of work, so she lived alone. Dedicated to the job, Autumn continued to work up the ranks through the fire department, receiving accolades and awards for fighting some major fires and solving some tricky arson cases that stumped the LCPD. She has a great deal of knowledge in chemistry from her community college studies but has also taken it upon herself to learn.



Currently saving money and training new firefighters, Autumn is much more focused on her job than her ex boyfriends. She mostly keeps to herself and some friends. She is now Deputy Chief of Fire Operations and continues to write new directives. Keeping the city safe is her priority. In a 2022 Staunton Island gas station explosion, Autumn was badly burned with 3rd degree burns and required skin grafting on her back and arms. After a year in recovery and physical therapy, she is back to fighting fires and is currently drafting a new city ordinance code and plan to prevent apartment complexes from fire hazards. In 2024, she was moved to Los Santos for her job as part of a new directive.





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