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Manny Sanchez


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Manny Sanchez, the brother of Rico Sanchez, has moved to Liberty City for a fresher life. But as he started to see this place was up to no good, people were robbing, stealing, murdering,  vandalising walls, and selling drugs. He soon became attached to it. He started off thinking about what he was gonna' do for himself, get a good job, sell drugs, or start a business. Now at the time he didn't have money, hell he almost didn't have a home. So he really had to think about what he was gonna' do. But later on he would think about it he would start selling drugs, as his friend knew a guy, who knew a guy. So the friend was named Charles Bankston. He was a part-time drug dealer who would come to a block selling shit and he did it smoothly. But he is not important, now Charles knew a big-time drug dealer, who wouldn't no games over his supply, or money. So they went to him asked for some supply to get him started, and it went...... Smooth. He got his drugs and went home. But the next day it was game time he seen a chance of him making it big, and he did. Well almost. The day he started he sold to the crack fiends, and drug dealers. And no drug dealer should be mad right? I mean they get more supply, but anyways. He made $1500 that day, and went to Charles for more. And they did the same shit, as the first time asking the big-time drug dealer for supply. I'm sure you know if you read, but anyways.He got supplies went to sell, and made $2300, as he sold for a whole day. And by the way, he was 23 at the time. But soon he came to a fall, one day he was selling and a saw someone looking hella' suspicious and just shrugged it off as he was gonna' get paid and not to worry about the looks. But that shit didn't work he asked him about if he up to buying some crack, weed, or pills. And he said "Yes.", reaching into his pocket showing a pistol and a badge. So basically he was undercover. And Manny was took to Liberty City Police Department for questioning, and he did not fold (snitching on a person or thing), so he got sentence with a 10 years in prison, fast forward to 10 years. He is out of prison, and ready to get back to the city, and you will soon figure out what is going on with him now....

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