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[Dev Blog] #4 | General Updates


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Dev Blog #4

~General Updates~

We aim to strive to keep the community running as smooth as possible. Whilst this past week has been busy, we'd like to show you some of the things that have either been fixed, added or removed during its time. This is officially the first development update published for our Liberty City migration. It's quite packed, but we know some of you actually enjoy reading this (weirdos), so here... enjoy!



Removed: -
Added: +
Reworked/Fixed: //


// Migrated Liberty City Map to AGRP Repo
+ Added EagleLoader for LC Map Streaming
+ Added a preapproved list of hosts for uploading images
// Updated Google SMTP Authentication process for UCP
// Migrated UCP to use Liberty City assets
// Upgraded security for web services
// Changed character selection menu to interior
// Changed character creation menu to interior
// Changed instances of LSCSD to LCPD
// Changed instances of LSCFD to FDLC
// Changed instances of LSCTS to LCTS
// Changed instances of LS County to Liberty City
// Changed instances of San Andreas to Liberty City
// Altered texture-system to include new list of preapproved hosts
// Altered item-texture to include new list of preapproved hosts
// Fixed an issue in multiple mod sections where a spelling mistake occurred. 
- Disabled vehicle dirt system temporarily
- Removed carwash from Blueberry beside Hospital
// Redone tomb positions
// Changed CKed icon to LC
// Changed Missing people icon to LC
// Changed Fishing Pier locations
// Update numerous F11 Blips to represent LC Locations
- Removed Grandfather Model system for all model mapping
// Internally renamed model system
- Removed some depricated systems
- Removed old DB stuff
// Updated the structure.sql
// Updated gitignore to include discord removal of webhookG for devs so it doesn't conflict with main server
- Removed RP Zone
// Fixed a typo in street signs 
+ added showcol finder to find resource colshape origins (TM)
// Updated LEO towing to LCTS
// Updated vehicle descriptions to LC for civ vehicles
- Removed current /commands menu as it is unfinished and bugged
+ Reinstated old /commands menu and added a close button
- Removed SFIA colshape for air traffic (not needed tbh)
// Changed bus route markers from "checkpoint" to "corona" markers due to checkpoint being used by LC Streamed object (this is easier rather than making custom marker to replace it, fps friendly too)
// Fixed several UCP issues including a strange rewrite rule which was causing insecure loading (no TLS/SSL) for phones but not for desktops on certain parts of the website. This was due to requesting assets via http rather than https; now forced every aspect of the UCP to load https to avoid future situations like this. 
// Fully migrated a “patched” database from AGRP RC to include fundamentals and carefully reallocated primary keys to lower integers along with restarting auto increment to lower integers for convenience. This patch includes the keeping of CKed characters (makes the most sense) 
- Removed unnecessary ped uploads from modloader. 
- Removed unnecessary vehicle uploads from modloader
// Updated wire transfers for new shortcodes (LCPD, FDLC etc)
// Updated wiretransfer example when in bank menu
// Updated /onduty to look a little nicer and assorted
// Re-ordered startup priority of LC dependencies
+ Updated vehicle plates to be from LC
// Updated instances of County Hall to City Hall
// Updated instances of LSCSD to LCPD
// Updated instances of LSCFD to FDLC
// Updated instances of BoSA to BoLC
// Updated MDC systems to reflect new faction updates
// Updated help me to reflect Liberty City
// Updated a domain for bankofsa to bankoflc
// Updated item images to LC respectively
// Updated textures for kevlar from sheriff to police
// Updated some ATM prefixes to reflect Liberty City
// Updated typo for AGRPLibertyCityLogs output
// Updated hotlines to include new factions and revoke LCPR (not needed)
// Updated licenses to reflect Liberty City move
// Updated camera positions for login to Liberty City locations
// Updated carshop locations, blips and test-drive locations, purchase locations
// Updated crusher location
+ Added interior-system to colcollector (dev script)
+ Added small piece of mapping just for a singular gas station and the Budget Motors dealership just to see how it loads.
+ Re-enabled GTA SA Interiors after LC map stream
+ Added texture patch fix for LC
- Removed unused mp3s from account system
// Updated LCPD forums in F1
+ Delayed login until Liberty Map finishes loading for client (TM)
+ Liberty Minimap depends on Portable GPS item (TM)
+ Added missing UCP image for modded vehicle 463
+ ESC can now be used to exit F10 settings menu (Spooky)
+ Added Liberty GPS system as SA nodes and districts can't work with the map (TM)
// Fixed an error when no properties are loaded for taxi job (Spooky)
// Fixed potential issue with streamer for characters &  loadZone (Spooky)
// Fixed an issue where doublesided and breakable attributes not being parsed in map definitions (Spooky)
+ Replaced electrical pylon with a better one from LCS (Spooky)
+ Completed all phases of District Naming for all 3 islands for GPS System
// Replaced SA map in admin menu with LC map for teleportation
// Optimize day & night timers so it doesn’t constantly loop (Spooky)
+ Now using existing GTA SA model IDs for LC map rather than streaming (optimization increase along with reliability and frees up all of our add on models as MTA is limited to 6000) (Spooky)
- Removed unnecessary duplicates of GTA SA Interiors (Spooky)
+ Added original zone data and names from GTA 3 game files (Spooky)
// Fixed a bug where CEF chat was saving message state even after sending (Spooky)
// Set CEF chat remember input by default now fixed  (Spooky)
+ Chat settings can now be closed with ESC (Spooky)
+ Added ability to CEF chat to remember initial input after using up and down arrows to retrieve earlier chat (Spooky)
+ Added frontend and backend support for /places. /places now includes an icon list that can be used to represent on F11. Example an admin makes a /gotoplace LCPD - that admin can assign the blue police icon to that teleport which will show up on the map (modern blip marking)  (Spooky)
+ Disabled the /exit command which allowed players to close mta instantly. (Spooky)
// Fixed a water bug which caused parts of the ocean to disappear (Spooky)
// Fixed an issue where some of the SA map wouldn’t delete upon startup. (Spooky)
+ Removed a random object from South Portland that blocked 2 streets (GTA Object but it was deliberately in the files, unsure of its purpose but it’s gone now) 
// Fixed water being visible in Shoreside Tunnel (Spooky)
// Added Nurupo's LC Water Texture (Spooky)
// Fixed sawmill and streaming distances (Spooky)
// Optimized ped mod TXDs for dog, psyhco and santa (Spooky)
// Optimized some large TXDs for banana, captruck, cola, stopsigns, streetsigndouble, streetsignsingle (Spooky)
- Removed a leftover mod from LV (Spooky)
- Removed a huge amount of leftover mods (Spooky)
+ Completed Phase 1 of GPS System road_mapping. (Sonny)
+ Updated vehlib test co-ordinates
+ Added backwards compatibility for gps-system support (new system support for older code revisions) (TM)
- Removed model 8661 from worldid list as it was conflicting in some custom interiors. (Spooky)
- Removed unused and old shaders
+ Added ability for Nurupo's Water shader to be toggled from F10 Settings
- Removed unused features from F10 Settings
// Housecleaned shaders into an organized folder
- Removed shader_water from startup
+ Added better descriptions to some F10 Settings
// Updates to towing winch (TM)
+ Added TM Controls support (TM)

As you can see, in the two and a half weeks of development, we have come a long way. We still have plenty to keep us busy, along with a few new systems and a lot of optimizations. Our Devs are hard at work ensuring that launch-day will be as smooth as butter. We are extremely excited to help build a refreshing vibe using Liberty City. We only hope to see you there in early December!


Thank you for your interest in joining us on our new adventure. We hope to see you all in-game upon release. For more information regarding release, please stay tuned to our Discord Announcements and/or the AGRP Forums.



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