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[Dev Blog] #3 | General Updates


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ArdicGaming Roleplay

Dev Blog #3

~General Updates~

We aim to strive to keep the community running as smooth as possible. Whilst this past week has been busy, we'd like to show you some of the things that have either been fixed, added or removed during its time. 


Removed: -
Added: +
Reworked/Fixed: //


+ Added Watermark to all interior images on UCP (Sonny)
// Fixed a bug where object previews weren't working in shops
// Fixed incorrect formatting on interior names on UCP
// Reworked new mods system for optimization (experimental and may cause errors, hopefully not)
// Reworked Discord Logs for account system
// Fixed annoying bug when dropping clothes that your inventory rendered useless
// Fixed trucking job (SQL error was causing it to function incorrectly where appliances was looking for 23 but < 21 and script was = 26 
+ Optimized skin texture shader_lighting
// Fixed debug error output for a system that is no longer used
// Fixed a bug with official-interiors / along with incorrect name formatting causing interior names not to display correctly on the UCP
// Updated agrp.ifp for more animations under new animation section
- Removed potentially abusive anims (MuscleSprint and FatSprint) as they are extremely fast
// Fixed fishing system, you can fish again!
+ Added water to Fishing Pier outside Blueberry
- Removed in-game graffitis (starting from fresh as it was clustered on SARP, this will optimize performance)
+ Added Alt>Alt checking to all items
// Fixed sniper sound
// Fixed time.year returning wrong year value
// Set respawn timer after death to 30 seconds instead of 60
+ Added output to death informing players they can respawn after 30 seconds
+ Added ability for MT Members to fly and use /recon
+ Added ability for MT Members to use /goto players
// Relocated boatshop purchase & test drive coordinates
// Fixed attach veh objects for Model: 426 (Premier) for light bar, spotlight, push & ram bars
// Reduced login song volume by 70 percent
// Changed login music
// Updated boatshop gps blip
+ Setup Teamspeak 3 Services
+ Completely setup TS3 (roles, permissions, groups and insignia for LSCSD and Staff
+ LSCSD completely setup with forums, insignia, ranks, groups, permissions, template and layouts (with major help from Sonny) 
+ SA Penal Code crested (with major help from Sonny & edits to come by Sherry)
+ Painstakingly made Finder (The Social Network)
- Disabled Grandfather System (Blueberry 3d Modelling)
+ Enabled 5150's custom model for grocery store (Blueberry) Credits to model: Loki
- Disabled Blueberry Basketball Court
+ Enabled special 3D model off-shore
+ Moved Hospital Map Blip (Monty > Las Venturas)
+ Updated /makeevidence for SD and output to Discord Logs
+ Added oxygen to HUD and removed default SA oxygen bar credit to: 5150
+ Remade the oxygen logo for HUD
+ Temporarily re-enabled vehicle dirt to see how much it impacts performance, this could be disabled again so don't get too happy

Further updates to come and and constant improvements are being made to the server. 


Thank you for continuing to play the server and supporting us. We hope that we are providing you with the quality that we are aiming for. 



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