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Varrio Twisted Ways 13


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Varrio Twisted Ways 13 is here to create a realistic portrayal of a Sureno SG. Upon joining there are a few things you must complete prior to role-playing with our faction. If you're not serious about role-playing with us and don't have any quality role-play to contribute to the faction, then don't even bother trying to join because you will be removed from the faction by our leadership. We encourage members to focus on character development. We are accepting members who are willing to take constructive criticism and are willing to learn. For questions and concerns directly associated with our faction overall can be directed here
to our leadership: @Blal1431 @Vince
Discord: https://discord.gg/tprBu9nvkj

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On 1/31/2024 at 4:18 PM, Blal1431 said:

Varrio Twisted Ways 13 (VTW13 - VTWS13 - TW13 - TWS13 - TT13) Varrio is predominantly Hispanic and they claim to be located on The East Side of South Los Santos. Extends from Idlewood to Ganton. It is a new Varrio on the that was created a short time ago. The gang is still new and is not more than a decade old. VTWS they were a Tag-Banging Crew well known as "Forgive My Twisted Mentality." After showing that they are worthy of protecting what is theirs. La EmE adopted the Crew becoming a representative of the Sureño. The Varrio was known for Drug trafficking, robbery, assault, burglary, theft, and homicide. All to chase that bag. The gang was known for its rivalry with most of the Bloods sets/cliques, also Florencia 13 is due to the proximity of the two neighborhoods to each other, specifically due to their past between the two gangs were beefing since VTWS were a taggers crew, yes. They are all under the command of the Blue Rag, but this does not prevent their fighting and intense hostility. Most of the crew founders disappeared, either locked up or deceased. The remaining ones are "Travieso" Quessada, and "Trouble" Hurtado.


  • Twisted Ways Worst Nightmare.
    On the 17th of January 2022. A well-known resident known as Diego Saavedra was murdered in cold blood by a rival gang. Diego was murdered right after the shooting of 38-Streeter goes by Creeper. Creeper made it out alive. Later that week on Friday, a Black Greenwood started shooting randomly in a drive-by ended with the murder of Diego. Diego was a beloved peewee in his Varrio, everyone liked him in his Varrio. He was like the Hood Trophy guy in VTWS.



    04/03/24 Twisted Ways Strike, And First Gang Injunction Results.
    After the gang injunction, LSPD started patrolling much more around Crystal Gardens. Erick Leoz, Adam "Chaos" Cazalla, Natalia "Pinky" Navaro. Were in a mid of a house invasion, on their way back to the traphouse a unmarked witnessed them holding a safe, called a backup. They ran to the traphouse where they got surrounded by cops, both sides started firing at each other. in result:
    16 Years Old Erick Leoz  DIED (Affiliated)
    21 Years Old Adam "Chaos" Cazalla DIED (Twisted Lokotes)
    16 Years Old Natalia "Pinky" Navaro DIED  (Tiny Locas)
    16 Years Old Jonah "JoJo" Saucedo DIED (Affiliated)
    16 Years Old Alejandro "Avispon" Guttierez DIED (Twisted Lokotes)

    18 Years Old Estela "Giggles" Nunez ARRESTED (Tiny Locas)
    16 Years Old Jose Pacheco ARRESTED (Affiliated).

    fJNARbj.gif r2QSBaO.gif Ti2nQUV.gif 



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